About Glenna Ritenour

She has made her career as a hairstylist in Florida.  She loves the beach and has been inspired by the God of Creation to write and publish her stories that she has shared with her clients, friends and associates over the past 14 years.

Should I Just Curl Up and Dye? 

The compilation of short inspirational and encouraging stories will touch the heart of anyone whose lived through struggles and trials.

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About the Book

Categories included in the Table of Contents:

Affliction / Freedom
Anger / Healing
Defeat / Victory
Despair / Encouragement
Fear / Provision
Rebellion / Submission
Resentment / Forgiveness
Strife / Love
Stubbornness / Perseveranc
Suffering / Victory

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  • "Every one of us needs a little encouragement now and then. In our hectic lives there is nothing like picking up this book to remind us that we are not alone, no matter what tri..."
    Brenda Ellison
  • "When I read Glenna's book, I felt like we had been friends for a long time. I felt like I knew exactly what she was feeling and how she was able to overcome the trials in her l..."
    Susan Mills
    Recipent of a wonderful gift from my great friend, Buelah

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